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The Little Mermaid 3: What I would of wanted

This is a brief summary of a screenplay I’m seriously considering writing. This is a fanbased interpretation and should not be viewed as official plot summaries. 


The Little Mermaid 3 takes place a year before the first movie, excluding all events that happened in “The Little Mermaid (TV Series” from 1992-1994. In this prequel, the plot is focused around Ursula being a member of King Triton’s court as an advisor to the king, much like Jafar was to the Saltun in Alladin. The most that was revealed in Ursula’s backstory is that she was a member of King Triton’s court but was banished from the kingdom due to her many failed attempts at trying to take over the throne, and mingling in dark magic. This plot also excludes the possibility brought from the Broadway Musical where Triton and Ursula are siblings, in this prequel they are not related. 

Remembering back to 2007 or so, a teaser trailer was released for The Little Mermaid 3, which can be viewed here: . This teaser had the storm scene from the original movie, where Eric’s ship was destroyed in a Hurricane. Then, in the aftermath, a locket is seen falling to the ocean floor with Ariel singing in the background. Going off this teaser, I made my own plot idea. 

The locket seen is the same locket from The Little Mermaid 2, the airloom that King Triton gives to Melody as a toddler so she always remembers the sea. This locket is a family airloom in King Triton’s family, and every member of the family sees it as a treasured artifact in Atlantian history that can’t be replaced. Even more extrordinary, the locket holds a special power. When somebody of the Triton’s bloodline passes away, their voice is preserved inside the locket forever. And when a person of the bloodline wears the necklace, they sing with the voice of all the people before them, thus the incription on the locket that reads “Melody”. 

When Ursula hears about this locket, she devises a perfect plan in mind to take over the throne. Ursula easdrops on a conversation between Triton and Ariel. In a sub-plot, Ariel has reached the age of 16, and when one of Triton’s daughters turns 16 they have a grand birthday concert, singing solo about the kingdom and the ocean, while wearing the Atlantian Locket. However, the locket is a highly guarded and treasured airloom that is heavily guarded in the family’s vault, and Ariel wants to see it (childishly). Triton says no, and in doing so reveals the secret that the locket is in fact in the vault, and only a family member can unlock it.

When Ursula finds out, she is able to get her hands on the Locket. She see’s Ariel’s desire to look just as beautiful as her mother on her birthday concert, and makes Ariel a deal. If she gets her into the family vault, she will craft Ariel the most beautiful dress in the seven seas. Ariel agrees, and lets Ursula into the vault, alowing her to steal the vault. She promises Ariel she will return it to her for the recital, and that she is just “boring it” for a dinner part. She crafts a magical dress for Ariel to use, and her plan begins.  

In a sub-plot I thought up, Ariel and Flounder are having a fight. Flounder comes in and asks Ariel if they could go out to explore, but Ariel says no because she wants to focus on her concert. This turns into a reoccuring fight between the two good friends. 

She uses the most evil form of manipulation known to man: Blackmail. And not just with the Locket, Ursula also kidnaps Ariel’s mother, Athena, and demands they all revendevous at a remote location.

When they meet, Ursula is able to put Triton in a corner. She holds the Locket in one hand and Athena in the other, and says that if Triton doesn’t sign a contract forfitting the kingdom to her, she will destroy them both. What’s worse is that when Triton signs, he must also chose one to be given to Ursula forever as Revenge of belittling her her entire life. If Athena lives, the locket’s power will belong to her. If he keeps the locket, Athena becomes her slave.

Triton having no choice signs the deal, and choses to have his wife, giving Ursula all the power of the Ocean. With the combined power of the Triton and the Locket, Ursula grows to a tremendous size and acts as god of the ocean much like she did the original movie, but much more fearsome. Then begins a long battle sequence between the knights of Atlantica and Ursula’s mind controlled army of sea creatures. A war erupts in the Ocean, Triton leading his army and Ursula leading hers. It’s up to Ariel to correct her foolish mistake and win back the throne.

Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder and Athena all team up to find away to steal the Locket from Ursula’s grasp.  With teamwork and over comming their anger to save the day, Ariel and Flounder make up and help jump from the water, as Sebastian snaps the locket from Ursula’s neck as it shrinks back to normal size.

Ursula notices, and turns her anger on them, but it’s to little to late. Unknown to everybody else, Athena wanted to retrive the locket so she could utalize another unique power. With the voice of the ocean, Athena rises high into the sky and sings the same Melody Ariel sung then Ursula took her voice in the original movie. Using this great power, she calms the raging war and turns Ursula back to normal size, brining a calm to the ocean and restoring balance.

Afterward, Ursula is banished, Ariel and Flounder are friends again, and the kingdom once again belongs to King Triton. Strangely though, it is noticed that Athena cannot be found. Triton explains that the locket can be used to bring balance to a war, but only at the cost of Athena’s life. 

A funeral is held for Athena, all seven of her daughters sing as fish bring a boquet of flowers onto a statue of Athena and Triton dancing together (the golden statue seen in Ariel’s Beginning). The Locket is put back into protection of the vault, and Triton vows to only allow the new bloodline to wear it, ever again. 

This is my favorite part of my screenplay, where this movie connects the other two together.

Ursula is seen weeping at the bones of a dead sea dinosaur, in utter sadness and defeat. All seems lost for her, but she is soon greeted by two wondering eels who come to see if she is alright. Warmed by their compasions,  Ursula feels kindness for the first time in her life, and rebuilts her home in the bones with her new friends, Flotsam and Jetsam.

The last scene is the day of the concert. The halls fill with anticipation and Sebastian readies the choir. The only thing missing however, is Ariel. The scene changes to her and flounder, who ignorantly decide to go adventuring like Flounder wanted, and decide to go explore the Sunken Ship. 

And that’s the ending. The last scene starts right at the start of the original movie. This is what I wished I could of seen in Ariel’s Beginning, not what we got. The Little Mermaid 2 was made in the notion that you had seen the original movie, so why shouldn’t the prequel? 

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